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I’m Agnes Blicharz, C.H.N. I am a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Mind Body Eating Coach, and a Culinary Expert.

I would love to work with you!

This is my Story

Cooking and baking have been my passion ever since I can remember. When I was 12, I baked my very first cake. I still remember how proud I was. The cake was far from perfect, completely overbaked and with much more sugar than required, but it was my creation. Since then, I’ve had a lot of practice perfecting my techniques and recipes, to create great tasting meals that are healthy and nourishing for the body and soul.

In 2007, I moved to Canada, and I cooked all my food from scratch for my family. Our meals consisted of typical polish food, including pierogies, cucumber soup and other delicious soups, bigos, pancakes with apple and Nutella, not to mention the amazing cakes I baked with creams and fruits.

But for the longest time, I struggled with my health. My skin was in horrible condition, and my hands were always dry and peeling. It seemed no matter what I did, from kitchen gloves to special creams, nothing worked. I was always tired and depressed. Even though I was eating homemade food, I didn’t feel good. At one point, my iron levels had dropped so low that I couldn’t lead a normal life. The struggles of mom life were real, and running the household and picking up the kids from school all while feeling tired and sapped of energy were taking its toll.

After a year of iron infusions, I began to feel a little better. But as soon as I stopped my treatment, all symptoms returned and my iron levels dropped rapidly. I started searching on my own what could be wrong.

No matter what food you eat, choose the highest quality version of that food.

Marc David

A Diagnosis

Around that time, a close friend of mine was diagnosed with celiac disease, and upon doing my own research, I sought out a doctor’s referral for blood work and then a biopsy. 

When I received my own Celiac diagnosis in 2014, my journey with food began in earnest. I made changes to my diet, and more importantly to my mindset, because I recognized that in my case, the only treatment can come from food. 

The first two months were an abysmal struggle. I missed my warm loaves of fresh baked bread, homemade pierogies, and all delicious cakes that I used to bake. I felt like the list of meals that I could eat was short and boring. But I knew I had to keep trying, especially when both of my daughters tested as celiac too.

This was the turning point for me, where I dedicated myself to finding delicious, healthy, celiac friendly meals. No matter what. I explored various vegetables and sought organically grown fruits, and even discovered how to make my own gluten free flour. Finally, I could enjoy bread and cakes again, without any compromise in taste or devastating affects to my body and wellbeing. I even found sneaky ways to add extra nutrients to my daughters' diets (picky eaters). Let me tell you, this was a liberating moment!


The way I see food has completely changed. Now I know that food is powerful. Food is medicine.

Since finishing my education in nutrition, I have worked with people and helped them find the importance of eating better. All of us have a unique journey with food. No matter how long you have been suffering and struggling with your health or food addiction it is never too late to start a new chapter.

Whether you are fighting food addiction, sugar cravings, binge eating, or otherwise, all worsened by low energy, depression or anxiety, I will help you find ways to succeed. Maybe you are tired of chronic dieting, tired of trying everything to lose weight, just to gain it all back and then some. Let me teach you new skills, how to chose food and how to improve your well-being. Maybe you or someone from your family was diagnosed with celiac and you have to find a way to change the way you eat. Don’t know how to cook or eat out often? No problem. I can show you how to make your own food at home from scratch and how to do it effectively. I will teach you the secrets of success that can be found in meal preparation. This way you can always have healthy meals ready to grab and go, no matter your lifestyle and busy schedule.

My Approach

I offer tailor made solutions for your own journey towards better eating. There are many ways to achieve your goals, and I am here to find out what works for you!


Meal Plans

I create meal plans that fit your lifestyle and health condition, and maintain your nutritional needs (including gluten-free).



I help you ditch the strict depressing diets, while honouring your work towards personal weight goals.



I show you ways to improve your gut health, digestion, and nutrient absorption, through the right choice of ingredients.



I teach you effective meal prep and cooking healthy, tasty meals from scratch (even if you don't know how to cook).



I help you fight food addiction and sugar cravings, so that you can begin to feel in control of your own life again.



I help you find ways to regain your energy and confidence  through a healthier relationship with food, and yourself.

  • Let's discover what kind of help would be best suited to your needs.

    30 min

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