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Here to Help!

Hello! I'm Agnes Blicharz, a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Mind Body Eating Coach, and Culinary Expert. With my expertise, I can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle through better eating habits. Let's work together to improve your overall well-being and reach your health goals. Contact me today!

No matter what food you eat, choose the highest quality version of that food.

Marc David

My Approach

I offer tailor made solutions for your own journey towards better eating. There are many ways to achieve your goals, and I am here to find out what works for you!


Meal Plans

I create meal plans that fit your lifestyle and health condition, and maintain your nutritional needs (including gluten-free).



I help you ditch the strict depressing diets, while honouring your work towards personal weight goals.



I show you ways to improve your gut health, digestion, and nutrient absorption, through the right choice of ingredients.



I teach you effective meal prep and cooking healthy, tasty meals from scratch (even if you don't know how to cook).



I help you fight food addiction and sugar cravings, so that you can begin to feel in control of your own life again.



I help you find ways to regain your energy and confidence  through a healthier relationship with food, and yourself.

  • Let's discover what kind of help would be best suited to your needs.

    30 min

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