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Fruits and Vegetables

Custom Meal Planning #1

A simple, customized, and affordable meal plan that saves you time and promotes healthy eating.

Each recipe includes a nutritional value overview including macros and alternative options so you can swap out to a substitute. 


This meal plan is truly customized for you. You will receive an intake form beforehand to alert me of any allergies or food sensitivities, as well your needs, and any health conditions that may impact your nutritional goals. This plan is scalable, so amounts can be adjusted for singles, couples, or even families. 


I will provide you with healthy variations of your favorite meals so you can still enjoy your comfort foods and work towards your goals at the same time.

Best Value

Custom Meal Planning 1



Let's get you started on this 4 week custom meal plan!

Valid for 4 weeks

Recipes for 3 meals and 1 snack a day

Shopping list with ingredients and alternatives

Nutritional Value Overview

Bonus! Recipes for healthy desserts and snacks.

  • Let's discover what kind of help would be best suited to your needs.

    30 min

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