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Weight Loss Program 

12-week plan that will help you find freedom from dieting and help build healthy habits and create balance in life!

What if you don't have to start another diet? What if you don't have to face the jo-jo effect anymore? What if you don't have to starve yourself anymore?

What if you could say goodbye to diets forever?


Does this sound like you:

  • you are embarrassed to say that you want to lose weight

  • you aren’t happy with your body but you are sick and tired of cycling with not wanting to even eat or trying the next fad diet that shows up on social media

It is time for a lasting change that actually works and allows you to enjoy food again.


This 12 Week Food and Freedom for Weight Loss will help you:

  • cultivate a healthier relationship with food

  • eat healthy balanced meals to meet your lifestyle needs

  • discover what your body really needs, so that you can overcome craving with ease

Imagine finally feel good in your body again and having the energy you deserve to do all the things you enjoy. A freezer stocked with delicious meals, no more skipping meals and letting the weight shed naturally because of healthier habits that will last a lifetime.


You will never look back.

I know how much of struggle it can be. So rest assured, I have your meals taken care of and I am excited to support you on this journey to healthier YOU.

Best Value

Weight Loss Program



8-week plan that will help you find freedom from dieting!

Valid for 8 weeks

1 Hour Initial Consultation

Customized Meal Plans and Prep Lists

Motivational Support to Fuel your Journey

1:1 Accountability 

Community Support ​

Stress Management Tools 


  • Discover Intuitive Eating so that you can find balance and ditch the all or nothing mentality

  • The secret link between macronutrients and what to actually eat so that you can feel sustained energy and reach your ideal weight 

  • Guidance on how to prepare meals that taste good, nourish your body and let you lose excess weight naturally ​

Where do I start?

Please click below to schedule a call with me directly! 

  • Let's discover what kind of help would be best suited to your needs.

    30 min

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